Equine Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Massage Therapy

equine laser therapy for equine physiotherapy and massage therapy cornwall
equine laser therapy for equine physiotherapy and massage therapy cornwall

Physiotherapy is not solely reserved for elite competition horses; it benefits horses of all disciplines and abilities. Horses, like humans, can subtly compensate for pain by adjusting their posture and gait. As a responsible owner, it's important to recognise behavioral signs that may indicate discomfort and pain in your horse. Physiotherapy combination of manual therapies, equine massage tharpy and electrotherapies, physiotherapy reduces pain, improves joint mobility, and enhances muscular strength and condition.

By addressing specific conditions and injuries, physiotherapy promotes efficient rehabilitation and accelerates recovery time. However, it also focuses on proactive care to maintain overall muscle balance and prevent future issues. Regular physiotherapy assessments provide early intervention, ensuring your horse performs at their best and enjoys a high quality of life.

Assessments are essential for early detection and optimal performance. It's optimal to book in for a physiotherapy session every 12 weeks

Empower their well being beyond medication prescription, to home and exercise prescription

Equine Physiotherapy £50

  • Initial consultation please leave up 90 mins and follow ups 60 mins

  • Any clients out of the 20 mile radius from TR20 9PU will receive a £7 extra charge for mileage

During a Consultation.....

  1. Patient information: Gathering all the necessary information to aid in my treatment

  2. Gait Analysis: Looking at how the animal moves

  3. Palpation: Muscle palpation, Joint range of motion

  4. Treatment: Canine Massage Therapy, electrotherapies, joint mobilisations, advance stretching

  5. Basic Exercise advice and discussion: Active / passive stretching, Gait retraining, fitness plan, Proprioceptive exercises, Home exercises, Enrichments, Changes to home environment, discussion on next steps

Kirsten Smith uses the following Electrotherapies

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy

  • Photobiomodulation

  • Ultrasound

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulations

These will be used only when needed

equine ultrasound treatment horse massage therapy and physiotherapy
equine ultrasound treatment horse massage therapy and physiotherapy

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